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Advanced Dental Technology

Advanced Technology

Lakeshore Dental is a dental practice in Fort Mill, SC that provides exceptional dental care using the most advanced and state-of-the-art technology in oral care. We use modern dental technology to facilitate our dental treatments to provide excellent and impressive results.

Dental technology refers to both techniques and facilities used in providing optimum oral health and hygiene. It is the aspect of dentistry that deals with the science and art of designing, fabricating, developing and providing dental treatments and appliances to deliver lasting and excellent dental health.

Our Fort Mill dental practice uses modern and state-of-the-art dental equipment and facilities, coupled with the expertise of Brenda L. Halsey, DDS in providing safe, comfortable and effective oral care solutions.

Lakeshore Dental is committed to providing the best oral care treatment that you and your loved ones deserve. We use top-notch and advanced dental technology to ensure that every misaligned, missing, cracked, chipped, stained, discolored, and infected tooth will have an improved and impressive appearance after our dental procedures.

Our goal is not just to help improve the aesthetic of your teeth but also to bring back your confidence to smile and show-off your stunning and healthy set of teeth. At Lakeshore dental, you and your oral health are important to us!

Precision Dentistry

Lakeshore Dental uses the latest and most advanced precision dental technology to ensure optimum fit of dental appliance while meeting your oral care needs. Our goal is to give you comfort in using dental appliances like crowns and veneers, dentures, aligners and other restoration appliances.

Brenda L. Halsey, DDS uses high-powered magnification like dental loupes that allow maximum precision to see even the smallest detail. These hi-powered loupes help provide patients with precise and accurate fit and finish of all dental restorations. We use loupes with high-performance lens system, comfortable magnification level, high-resolution optical system, and lightweight material.

Cone Beam Computed Tomography

Lakeshore Dental uses state-of-the-art 3D digital imaging cone beam CT scan equipment that produces more comprehensive images of teeth, jaw, nerve, gums and other soft tissue structures of the mouth. Cone beam generates a series of images of the entire buccal cavity structure in just a single shot, making it more comfortable and convenient for both dental practitioners and patients.

Cone Beam Computed Tomography is a low-radiation x-ray modality, thus, exposure time is relatively low compared to traditional radiographs. The use of cone beam allows for accurate dental procedures and advanced diagnostic capabilities.

At Lakeshore Dental, our goal is to provide comfort, safety, efficiency and accuracy in all our dental treatments, while using our advanced facilities.  

Intraoral Camera

Technology evolves nearly every minute in our world today. Patients, especially children, appreciates an image shown on a TV or computer monitor compared to a traditional x-ray result.  A 3-dimensional image is more likely understood by patients rather than a black and white radiograph.

At our Fort Mill dental practice, Brenda L. Halsey, DDS uses an intraoral camera that provides accurate images of the teeth and mouth. The intraoral camera allows patients to see what is exactly inside their mouth.

With the use of an intraoral camera, Brenda L. Halsey, DDS, can explain the condition of your teeth, gums and mouth. She will discuss all possible dental options and recommend the most ideal treatment for your oral care needs, while showing how it may be done using the images on the monitor.

Lakeshore Dental aims to provide optimum oral care while working with you every step of the procedure.

posure time is relatively low compared to traditional radiographs. The use of cone beam allows for accurate dental procedures and advanced diagnostic capabilities.

Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry is one of the most recent dental innovations. Dental lasers use a special light to deliver energy that travels at different wavelengths. This energy is absorbed by the intended target like an excess gum tissue, tooth, exposed pulp causing decay or infection, and enamel or dentin.

Lakeshore Dental uses dental lasers to cater to both tooth and gum treatments. Dental lasers can also be used for tooth whitening and bonding procedures.

The use of dental lasers eliminate if not minimize the use of anesthetic agents. It also eliminates the need of saturing, and the healing process is much faster.

Our Fort Mill office uses dental lasers to provide fast, safe, minimally invasive, effective and virtually painless oral care options.  

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Lakeshore Dental uses the most recent technology in booking your dental appointment. Our system is integrated with a 24/7 online scheduling system that will help you book an appointment with ease and comfort.

Our online booking system is a real-time scheduling platform that will let you choose the available treatment and schedule that we have at your most convenient time. At Lakeshore Dental, our goal is to help you achieve your dental goals because your comfort and oral health are importance to us.

Lakeshore Dental welcomes new, walk-in and emergency patients. Visit us at 1200 Gold Hill Road, Fort Mill, SC 29708. You may also contact us at 803-396-0000 to book an appointment and start enjoying the benefits of our advanced dental technology.



Meet Dr. Brenda L. Halsey, DDS

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Meet Dr. Brenda L. Halsey, DDS

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